Last destination of Euro trip was Venice.

venice shoes

venice pasta

Alfredo’s Fresh Pasta to Go

This little hole in the wall was selling white take out containers of fresh pasta to go. With no seating, most people either sit on the ledge outside their window or take their containers near the Rialto bridge or any nearby bridge by the water to eat. It smelled amazing all the way down their alleyway, which helped me steer in the right direction when trying to find it on the phone’s gps. (Sidenote: Having a phone with working GPS in Venice was really useful since Venice is full of tiny streets and alleyways, many leading to dead ends. I used the free GPS on my phone all the time in Venice! Mr. Iphone user was unable to.) For just a few euros we were super full. You choose the type of pasta you want, and the sauce.. mix and match as you wish! I think they also sell gelato but I didn’t try it.

venice pasta

Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia @ random restaurant

Not as good as the black pasta at Daily Catch in Boston. But then again, I think I just had different expectations. This is really squid ink sauce, and not squid ink ‘black’ pasta, which was what I had before and I love the puttanesca sauced version at Daily (which I so luckily happened to have today =))

venice pizza

Frutti di Mare Pizza @ restaurant on Burano island

tic tac

Mini watermelon Tic tacs the size of Euro coins!

venice pasta

Gnocchi @ Taverna San Trovaso

hazelnut pastry

Whole Hazelnut Pastry – nothing but whole hazelnuts and some sticky caramel :) @Bar Pasticceria Ballarin

I don’t remember what this pastry was called but it was just whole hazelnuts held together by some sticky caramel stuff. I love things with hazelnut like nutella and Ferrero Rocher so this was perfect for me! I also got a few chocolate covered orange slices. They also had the orange rinds covered in chocolate but I prefer the whole slice with rind. I had to go back to this pastry place the next day for more chocolate covered orange slices because they were so good. Silly me thought they would last till I got to the airport for a good snack but I pretty much polished them off that night.

And to end my Euro trip, I bought a pair of short leather boots (similar to chelsea boots). I had been looking for something like these for awhile, and with all the shopping available in Venice, how can any shoe lover resist?? After regretting not picking up the brown leather jacket I tried on in Florence, these shoes were the next best thing. ;)

For more vaca photos, check out my boyfriend’s album here.

Alfredo's Fresh Pasta To Go
Calle De La Casseleria, 5324
30122 Venezia Italy

Taverna San Trovaso
Sestiere Dorsoduro, 1016
30123 Venezia Italy

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