I always passed by the Trader Joe’s riced cauliflower saying I’ll try it out one day. Well I finally got around to it! I love my white rice so this would never be a true substitute, but rather a healthy meal when I’ve feeling like something vegetarian.

Riced cauliflower has been so popular as a rice alternative, much like zucchini noodles are for spaghetti. I stir fried this like it was fried rice and seasoned with salt and pepper. You’ll want to taste it every so often to see if you like the firmness. Cook it longer if you want it softer. That became the base for my fave roasted brussels sprouts and then I topped it with plenty of mint that was leftover from the fresh rolls in a previous post. I love the addition of mint in this simple veggie bowl. So healthy and satisfying. Hope you guys will try it out with your favorite roasted veggies for an easy meatless weekday meal!

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