I finally made it to Totto ramen! It has been around for awhile now but was not exactly on the top of my list to eat because I wasn’t sure if I’d like a chicken based ramen. We got a few apps to try along with their signature ramen.

Karaage Chicken

I don’t usually see Karaage chicken in strip form, but theirs was cut this way. It was flavorful and crispy with just a little drizzle of mayo on top.


Their Takoyaki was also yummy. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Paitan Ramen

I got the original Paitan ramen, which is a chicken broth based ramen. You can choose chicken or pork as the topping so I chose the pork because I didn’t want to go completely pork free just yet! ;)

It was better than I imagined with little crunchy onions suspended through out the creamy thick soup. Those onions really made all the difference to me. Hubby got the spicy version which included some chili oil on top. A great meal overall!

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