I’m now into my second month of paleo eating and it’s getting easier! The very first week was awful with hunger pangs and feeling like I had nothing to eat. Now that I’ve completed a month as a ‘cleanse’, I feel that a second month is going to be easy. Perhaps it will become a lifestyle change? I’m sure I will eventually start incorporating some iffy items but this process has allowed me to realize how good I can feel while eating whole foods alone. I am however, a snacker at heart. The key to snacking is finding healthy ones to replace the overly processed ones!

The folks at SaladPower gifted me some of their veggie drinks which are paleo friendly. I was really interested in their Just Veggies because the ingredients were really just veggies. The company was started by two high school friends in NYC that wanted a premium juice option that put veggies first. Most veggie juice drinks contain a lot of fruit which spike up the sugar content and are not good for you. For folks who are okay with some fruit, they do also have veggie and fruit blends with the veggie portion always higher than the fruit. If you can’t get around to eating veggies or making your own juice/smoothie, these can serve as an easy afternoon pick me up. I’ve been occasionally drinking these in the office with some raw almonds as my afternoon snack. When drinking a juice over a smoothie, I advise always eating something like almonds so you have some additional fiber going into your stomach at the same time.

Just Veggies

This is the main juice that caught my attention because it is 100% veggie. I expected it to be green because of the packaging but it’s actually a nice bright orange because of the carrots and tomato in it! It also contains kale, celery, cucumber, green bell pepper and spinach. I think this would be good with some cayenne added to it since it’s heavy on the tomato/carrot taste.

 Veggie + Apple, Veggie + Mango, Veggie + Pineapple

For the fruit lovers, the fruit and veggie blends come in three options – Veggie + Apple, Veggie + Mango, Veggie + Pineapple. I  am going to let hubby drink most of these as I’m still watching sugar intake. I took a sip of them to try though and prefer the whole fruit.

*This post is sponsored by SaladPower

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