Parker’s Restaurant is a pretty ‘old school’ restaurant located in the Omni Parker Hotel. I was really looking forward to this brunch because I remember eating a really good Boston cream pie there years ago (it’s the original!).


We started off with clam chowder but it tasted like it had been sitting around for awhile. Can you see the layer on top cooling already?


I ordered a crab cake eggs benedict and it was also disappointing. The crab cake was a little too salty for my taste and seemed to have too much filler.


My boyfriend got the roast beef sandwich which was yummy, but pretty greasy. I suppose the restaurant has become more of a convenience thing for hotel guests there because I don’t feel like they would get a lot of repeat business based on what we ate.


After all that, I decided to just take a Boston cream pie home to savor…but it was not what I remembered it to be. I don’t know if the chef has changed or what, but it wasn’t the amazing moist cake I wanted. Just okay. Now I’m interested to find out where I can get a good traditional Boston cream pie in Boston.

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