It’s funny how you don’t go to or eat at certain places until you’ve moved away. I have never once tried the famous Olneyville New York System hot weiners until I had a sudden craving for hot dogs and thought ‘hey let’s make a trip back to Rhode Island’.


We also got cheese fries because we were so hungry.


I wished I had tried them when I was in RI! They’re covered in meat sauce, mustard (no ketchup!), onions and celery salt. The celery salt was what really made it. I need to get my hands on some and figure out what else would taste good with celery salt.
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We then headed over to a nearby Del’s lemonade – something else I can’t get in Massachusetts. They’re usually sold at carts around the city but also have a few store fronts. I haven’t found a more delicious frozen lemonade yet. I get the original lemon everytime, but I get tempted by all the new flavors they have. Just not enough stomach…

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