Before I started my paleo-ish journey three weeks ago, I had a random craving to try some non-dairy ice cream options so we went off to Whole foods to explore. I picked up three, with two of them being from the same brand. How do they compare to traditional ice cream?…

Arctic Zero

I’ve seen Arctic Zero all over my Instagram feed lately so I picked up the chocolate peanut butter flavor to try. i figured it should be rich tasting if it’s chocolate and pb right?… Wrong. This was my least favorite of the bunch because it tasted so watered down. It reminded me of childhood fudgesicles but with much more ice.

So Delicious

I’ve bought SoDelicious nut milks before so I had high hopes for this one. Cookies & Cream also happens to be my fave ice cream flavor. The cookies helped this taste good and the ice cream part was very lightly creamy. Not as satisfying as a coconut flavored dairy ice cream would be (such as the ones in Thailand) but still not bad.

Next, I figured almond milk is often creamier than coconut milk in taste, so maybe the ice cream would be similar. The flavor was good, but again lacks the traditional creaminess of dairy.

Final Verdict: I would not buy these again. Not worth the sugar. I’d rather save my sugar splurge for real ice cream days.

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