I was sipping on my homemade matcha latte one morning trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast when the idea just came to me – matcha latte french toast! I was essentially drinking all the ingredients I needed except for an egg and the bread. My matcha lattes consist of matcha, unsweetened almond milk and maple syrup to taste. So I stopped sipping to whisk this batter of my matcha latte and one large egg together.

I only had multi-grain bread on hand, but I highly advise getting a denser sweet bread for this. If you’re using a thin slice, dip it quickly and don’t let it soak. If you’re using the denser bread, you can submerge it briefly.

Pan fry on both sides till golden brown and top with maple syrup, fruit or chocolate! Quick and easy. Next time I think I’ll make two matcha lattes so I can sip some while eating this french toast. Double the matcha-goodness.

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