I’ve always associated jerky with lots of salt and preservatives. Hence, I’ve made my own Chinese style pork jerky, but it can be time consuming. I didn’t even know all natural packaged jerky existed until I was given Krave jerky. I tried four different flavors and there are beef, pork and turkey varieties. I love that the ingredients are all real food ingredients – no artificial colors or preservatives.

krave1The black cherry barbeque was a traditional barbeque flavor and slightly fruity.


The pineapple orange flavor reminded me of Asian packaged jerkys which are usually fruity flavors.

krave3 Grilled sweet teriyaki was the most moist of all the flavors I tried and had a smoother texture.


Basil Citrus turkey was the driest of them all, but surprisingly the one I enjoyed the most. The flavors were more reminiscent of traditional jerky.

My picks: Basil Citrus Turkey (dry and flavorful) & Pineapple Orange Beef (moist and fruity)

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge.  

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