Sorry for the sporadic posting but here’s some more US travels! Shortly after my Chicago trip, I took a trip to San Fran. I’ve probably been to San Fran when I was 2 or 3? and certainly don’t remember it at all. I was psyched for Asian food since there’s a big Asian population and I figured everything must taste good there. Ok, so I was a little over optimistic and did not plan any eats. I usually look up the best places to go and went with no plan this time around.


One of our first stops was Japantown!I loved the little Japantown in Los Angeles and thought the San Fran one would be pretty similar. There was less ‘cultural’ feel to me in the San Fran one as if it was missing some decor. There was no lack of restaurants and shops though. Most of them were located in the giant central building.


We first tried some takoyaki (snack made of wheat flour batter and octopus pieces) at Cafe Hana. I remember the traditional ones always had a guy flipping each little ball to brown evenly but this one was automatic and rolled the balls in the pan by itself.


Taste was ok, but not a place I’d crave for often.


We then tried out Sophie’s Crepes. I know it looks like mango ice cream, but it was vanilla. I don’t know why it was orange. The crepe itself was good, but I would skip out on the ice cream next time.


We wanted to get some sushi here and tried out one of the conveyor belt restaurants (it was more of a conveyor belt on water rotating sushi around). It was the most disappointing sushi I’ve had in my life…. I didn’t even bother taking a pic of the front so I don’t remember the name, but if you go into the Japantown building, do not go into the conveyor belt on water sushi place across from Cafe Hana. Some of the pieces were giant, but had no taste. The salmon we got (not pictured) was the skinniest salmon I’ve seen in a sushi joint. There were no fatty white lines which made for an awful salmon.


Our last taste of Japantown was some avocado ice cream at a little shop just outside the main building (look for signs of Dreyer’s Ice Cream). It was a bit icy but the taste was good. After this day’s mediocre experience, I realized I should have done some research for good eats in San Fran. We went back to the hotel to research that night. Stay tuned to see what I discovered next!

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