This is the last post of my Japan series. It was an amazing trip that has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I would love to go back one day. If you haven’t yet checked out the other posts, scroll down and look for the posts under “Related”.

Meiji Yogurt

I tried this deliciously creamy Meiji yogurt on a whim and I began to buy it every morning because it was just that good. It has to be this Meiji ‘Bulgaria’ brand and not just any Meiji yogurt. The consistency was a cross between yogurt and pudding and did not have the usual strong sour taste of American yogurt, yet it was not full of sugar either. I wish I could buy it here!!

Melon Bread


A famous snack is this sweet ‘melon-pan’ or melon bread. It’s got a crispy cookie like top and soft bread on the inside. There’s no melon taste, but is called melon-pan because the top resembles a melon’s rough texture. The one from Kagetsudo is one of the most popular places to get it in the Asakusa area. The bread is as huge as my head! There’s always a line but it moves really fast.

Matcha Gelato

I’m a huge fan of Japanese ice cream and soft serve. Any time we got a chance, I’ll be in line to get a soft serve, or as they call in Japan, “Soft Cream”. At Nanaya, they reportedly sell the “world’s most matcha intense gelato”. They have matcha strength of 1 through 7 and being the matcha lover that I am, I got the 7 and also a scoop of sesame on the bottom to try. That vibrant fresh taste of matcha is incomparable. They are very popular and the shop we went to was very small so they handed timed tickets so you can come back at a later time to line up. Totally worth it. The sesame had a strong sesame flavor and was delicious as well.

Cremia Soft Cream

Cremia soft serve is the BEST soft serve I’ve had and I ate it pretty much anytime we passed by and saw it available. It has high milk fat content, and reminds me of a really smooth rich custard or cheesecake.

Ice Cream Novelties

As if I didn’t have enough ice cream, we also bought different ice cream products at the nearby 7-11, Family Mart or Lawsons when we could. Green Tea everything!

Harajuku Crepes

If you make it to Harajuku, make sure you eat the famous crepes. You can see all the options in the window display and there are a few different stores. I accidentally got one without ice cream and it was just whipped cream with fruits. I imagine it would taste even better with ice cream as you all should know how much I love ice cream by now.

Bake Cheese Tarts

Cheese tarts were a big trend when we went and these ones from BAKE were delicious. They would have been better if it was still warm though, so try and get them if you see they are just freshly baked. Depending on which location, you may expect a wait!

Croissant Taiyaki

Croissant taiyaki was also on my list of must-eats and it was as delicious as I’d imagined. We got the seasonal strawberry one which had a nice strawberry filling that wasn’t too sweet. Most of Japan’s desserts aren’t very sweet which suit my palate.

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