Tsukiji Grilled Skewers

While Tsukiji fish market has many sushi restaurants, there are also many vendors selling delicious small bites of seafood as well as other food. Be aware that Tsukiji is awfully crowded and just trying to get to the vendor to purchase something can often be difficult. The location of this fish market is scheduled to move, so it may help combat with the crowds but when we went it was still in the original location.

We came upon a stall selling freshly grilled sticks of unagi (eel) and scallops and people were purchasing them left and right. If you’re waiting around for a seat at a sushi place, it’s best to get some skewers before getting in line as you will get hungry!


We also had a great menchi-katsu or croquette. Many vendors sell just a few things and specialize in those few things so you can walk from stall to stall getting different items to make a whole meal if you wanted to.

Look at that gorgeous meat inside! It was so tender and juicy, while remaining crispy on the outside.


Veering away from Tsukiji, most tourist spots will have some street eats, like these takoyaki. These takoyaki had some tempura bits mixed in to make it extra crispy. My favorite part is the bonito flakes on top.

Curry Bread

There are also a lot of cafes and bakeries full of yummy breads. My fave was this curry bread near Kyoto station. Unfortunately this particular bakery didn’t make them everyday or I would have eaten it every morning along with my favorite creamy Japanese yogurt, which I’ll reveal in my next post on Japan’s sweet eats! Stay tuned!

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