San Fran can get extremely cold at night. As much as I tried to layer, it can be annoying to carry layers around during the day time if you’re sightseeing and not going back to the hotel. During one of our last nights there, it was so cold that all I wanted was a hot bowl of soup. Luckily, we found the ramen at Izakaya Sozai . It was amazing, like on-par with the wait for 2 hours ramen shop kind of amazing.


We first ordered the mackerel app and then some bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms. Both were yummy bites full of umami flavor.

japanese07 japanese09

Our amazing ramen… the broth was rich of pork flavor and I definitely consider this one of the best bowls of ramen I’ve had. You can order additional toppings, and we also got a fried soft boiled egg (not pictured). I was so full because we ordered the apps and even shared an onigiri rice ball, but I kept drinking the soup because it was so good. Thumbs up from me!!

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