I’ve been thinking of posting some ‘Instagram Lately’ posts for my readers out there who don’t use Instagram. I know I sure didn’t use it for the longest time but now I’ll all about it! I’ll be highlighting some of my recent posts, not necessarily all in the same month, but just what’s been posted ‘lately’. Enjoy! =)

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is my fave burger and if I’m passing by one, I’ll have to have it.


Bought a box of mangos for the week~


Gotta have a giant plate of tempura now and then…


Going back to my home cooking food blogging roots with this brown rice fusilli pasta and meatball~

Soy Sauce Egg

Tried making soy sauce egg for the first time ever and ate it on top of toast!


Last but not least, I’ll show you one of my staple outfits of autumn – classic striped sweater, jeans and leather boots. The weather is getting colder so I’ll soon be able to wear my bean boots with the shearling inside!

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