We only spent a few days in Oahu, but still managed to try a lot of different food. Spam is super popular in Hawaii so I was sure I’d find some spam flavored products there, like Spam macadamia nuts! I found these on Oahu and then got to sample them at the Hamakua nut factory on Big Island but they were quite disappointing. I felt like there wasn’t enough Spam flavor so they were a bit bland to me.


Loco Moco is also quite popular. It’s a local dish which consists of rice topped with a beef patty (or spam) topped with egg and doused in gravy. Definite comfort food. The first one I tried was from Zippy’s.


They also have Hawaiian lunch plates of Kalua pork, Lau Lau, Mac Salad and mashed potatoes. It was the first time I had Lau Lau, which is pork and fish wrapped in taro leaf that gets steamed (dispose the leaf before you eat!). The meat was tender and mixed with some green leafy veggie.



Of course, there’s always room for dessert. We drove to Leonard’s Malasadas (Portuguese dougnuts) which was highly rated. The parking lot is tiny, so you may not find a spot right away, but people usually go in and out quickly since they’re just taking them to go.


They had a ton of flavors and we bought the plain, custard filled, li hing flavor, macadamia custard and cinnamon sugar. My faves were the li hing and the custard.



On the day we tried to visit Pearl Harbor, we stopped by this hole in the wall, Forty Niner Restaurant. The doors and other exterior bits were so old that it looked closed and abandoned, but walk in and you can smell how good the food is. I had a smoked meat plate and the fiance (yes we got engaged on this trip! =)) got a combo plate that came with a bit of everything.


They have amazing honey fried chicken. Had I known it was this good, I would have just ordered that. Don’t let the outside appearance of the restaurant deter you!



Lastly, we went to Dole Plantation to get Dole Whip from the source. The actual pineapple stick in it was inedible unfortunately. They gave me a piece from the tough core! Maybe it was just meant as a spoon. At least the soft serve itself was delicious.


I definitely ate way more than what I’ve listed in two posts, but I’ve highlighted some of the faves here. Stay tuned for the next food recap on Kauai!

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