Hurricane Popcorn

One of my favorite snacks I found in Hawaii was this Hurricane popcorn – butter popcorn with Nori (seaweed) and rice crackers. It is SO addictive that I pretty much finished off the whole bag when I opened it. They also sold some DIY microwave popcorn versions where you mix in the toppings yourself (found at Walmarts all over Hawaii).


Pono Market

We tried more Poke at Pono Market which was a half grocery store, half takeout place. I was disappointed with the poke since it was a bit bland. I should have gotten the ‘spicy’ versions which would have been smothered with yummy spicy mayo sauce. The fried chicken and spam musubi was amazing though.




Shrimp Station

We passed a lot of shrimp places and trucks while on the road so we decided to try some at Shrimp Station. Coconut shrimp and butter shrimp were both really good and made to order.




Ono Ono Shave Ice


We drove by this Ono Ono Shave Ice and I got this desert with taro ice cream, shave ice, and some jelly stuff on the bottom. The shave ice wasn’t fine and the I didn’t like the jelly stuff on the bottom, but the taro ice cream was delicious. I wish I had gotten more taro ice cream while in Hawaii.

Bubba Burger



When we started getting sick of seafood, we tried out Bubba Burger which offers Kauai beef burgers. Unfortunately, it was not my favorite. I need my beef salted! Shake Shack still has my heart.

Mark’s Place



Mark’s Place has classic plate lunches and everything here was good. We got the special of the day which was a fish plate, and the beef stew with a fried pork cutlet (katsu).

kauai19 kauai20

I discovered butter mochi there and it is a MUST try. So soft and slightly chewy, I could have eaten several more pieces. Hawaiian mochi is slightly different from the Japanese mochi I’m used to. Instead of being steamed and coated in potato starch, Hawaiian mochi is baked till there’s a nice brown crust so there’s no need for starch to prevent sticking. The taste reminds me of pound cake, but the texture is a soft mochi. I’m definitely going to try and recreate this!


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