Long time no post! FB and Instagram are so much easier to be active on… but I did want to share the rest of my Hawaii eats with you all. The second island we chose to go to was Kauai. It definitely felt less touristy and very slow paced.

Tip Top

The diner joint, Tip Top had the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. We tried to go back to eat them again before we left, but we came too late and they weren’t serving breakfast anymore. If you go, you must go early and you must get the mac nut pancakes. It was thinner than a typical buttermilk pancake and tasted like a cross between pancake and crepe.


It was so good I didn’t even really need the butter, jam or syrup (coconut syrup is a big thing in Hawaii and is very good on regular pancakes).


Their other specialty was oxtail soup. I wish it had more sweet potato noodles but the flavor was great. I’m not really a fan of the collagen/tendon filled oxtail bone meat, but I love the broth that comes from boiling it for long hours.

Puka Dog



We got to try Puka Dog, a hot dog joint that serves their hot dogs with buns that go all the way around! They have special heaters that stick a hole into the bun and toast the inside. The hot dog is really a Polish sausage (Kielbasa) and comes with tropical sauces like pineapple or mango relish.

The Right Slice



The Right Slice was something we just drove by and decided to stop at since the name sounded familiar to me. I had probably read a review somewhere. The slices are pricy but the passionfruit cheesecake I tried was delicious. I believe they also sell savory pies.

Hamura’s Saimin



I’m all about trying the local joints, so we popped into Hamura’s Saimin. The setup reminds me of a cafeteria and I thought it would be like the Fourty Niner restaurant we tried in Oahu. Unfortunately the saimin was disappointing. Saimin is a Hawaiin soup noodle dish which can come with a variety of toppings. The soup tasted like wonton soup to me, but was full of ‘instant soup’ flavor. Everything was quite processed and noodles were mushy that night. Maybe it was an off day, but I’d much rather have a real bowl of ramen, wonton noodles or pho. I love my soup noodles!



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