The Hawaii series comes to a close with a photo roundup of eats around Big Island.

I didn’t expect to actually find ‘Hawaiian’ pizza in Hawaii, but I did! It was delicious with fresh pineapple and Kalua pork instead of the ham slices you’ll find mainland.

hawaii01 hawaii02

I had my first acai bowl from Basik Cafe and it was an refreshing treat filled with goodies like mango, goji berries, strawberries and bee pollen. hawaii03

I devoured many lunch plates filled with noodles, spam musubis, poke and mac salad.

hawaii05 hawaii06


This cheesecake with mac nut crust was a bit disappointing because it was frozen and I couldn’t wait for it to defrost.


I made an effort to taste all the varieties of mac nuts at the Hamakua Nut Factory (they had popcorn and nut brittles as well). My fave was honey mustard.


I always visit a supermarket wherever I travel to find some local snacks. I picked up some sweet potato chips and chocolate mochi. I highly recommend getting mochi there because it’s a different variation of the typical Japanese mochi.

hawaii10 hawaii11

On our last night, we attended a luau with a spread of Hawaiian food.


Finally on the way to the airport, we picked up a green smoothie and lox and bagel from a tiny breakfast place. Hope you enjoyed this series and stay tuned for more adventures!

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