I love ham. I don’t even celebrate Easter but I thought ‘what a great time to get a ham on sale!’ That’s why I had lots and lots of ham leftovers. This time I froze a bunch of it, but ate a bunch of ham, egg & cheese quesadillas for a few days after.


Ham, egg and cheese is such a classic breakfast sandwich combo, and I love a quesadilla version because of the crispy outsides!


I don’t think this needs a recipe, but thought I would share one of my favorite breakfasts. Just place a tortilla wrap into an oiled cast iron or non stick pan, sprinkle your cheese of choice, ham, and cooked scrambled eggs. Wait for it to get melty and crispy, and fold whichever way you like! Of course I ate this with Sriracha ketchup~


I had to make this second one after the first one fell on the FLOOR! so sad. I got too excited to eat it after photographing and it just slid off. I guess it became a good excuse to show a different way of folding. ;)

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