I never tried the Eataly in NYC, so when the Boston one opened up I had to make a quick trip to see what the buzz was about. It was still pretty crowded when we went in the early afternoon but we easily found seats at the pizza counter. We missed the seafood restaurant, which is separate from the pizza & pasta option so make sure you take a look around if you were planning on getting seafood instead.


The charcuterie board was excellent, aside from the olives (because I dislike olives). I think it’s a great app to share. There are a few options with cheese as well but we wanted to save room to also try the pizza and pasta.


We were able to watch the pizzas being thrown into the oven since we were seated right at the counter. While everything was fresh, it was a bit disappointing. I liked the chewy dough and the fresh mozzarella but all together this margherita pizza did not hold up well. The center was pretty soggy even though it was given to us right away.


We also ordered a butternut squash ravioli which was disappointing. The sauce and fillings were fine, but the ravioli dough itself tasted very pre-made and like something I could just get at a grocery store. Which technically it is… as they do advertise cooking with what they sell. I would stick to the North End for pasta and Italian food in general. The flavors were sweet on sweet since there were cookies crumbled on top so it was almost a dessert pasta.


The bakery counter had some nice items. The Ninsola is as fabulous as everyone says. To me, it tasted like a giant Ferrero Rocher but with some sponge cake involved. We also got the tiramisu which was pretty good but I wished there was a bit more lady fingers in it as it was mostly mousse.


You’ll find windows to watch pasta making or mozzarella making at Eataly.  You can then buy their items or browse and purchase a ton of other imported goods.

This hanging display’s smell is way too overpowering when you walk under. I guess I can only handle small amounts of cured meat! Let me know if you guys have been to Eataly and what you liked or didn’t like about it!

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