On our last day in San Fran, we opted for some Italian. Even though my Euro trip was almost a year ago, my tastebuds still remember the amazing flavors of Italy and I must say a lot of Italian food in the states just can’t compare. E Tutto Qua did have some yummy food though, especially the octopus app we got. It reminded me of bacon because of the smoky flavors.

etuttoqua01Carpaccio di Pulpo (chilled slices of octopus)

etuttoqua02Spaghetti Neri

The squid ink pasta was delicious but I wished there were more noodles. There was a good amount of seafood in there.

etuttoqua03Mezzi Rigatoni alla Carbonara

The carbonara was a bit disappointing since the pancetta that was used did not taste like pancetta at all. It tasted like a Chinese pork sausage I’ve had before. The rest of the pasta was creamy and good though.

etuttoqua04Fish of the day


etuttoqua06Chocolate Lava Cake

Desserts were decent, and I would choose the lava cake over the tiramisu. Overall, a decent choice for Italian if you’re in the area!
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