Ahh, Dim Sum. You get a little bit of a variety of things. If you like the concept of tapas, you’ll enjoy dim sum. Most places will have ladies pushing carts of small plates around for you to choose. One of my favorite weekend pastimes!

I recently went to an ‘American Chinese’ restaurant in Quincy called ‘The China’. For Dim Sum. I know – how can a sports bar serving PuPu Platters have good morning dim sum?) Who would have thought an American Chinese restaurant would churn out some decent Har Gow (shrimp dumpling)! Plump full of shrimp with thin chewy dumpling skin.


One of my typical dim sum faves besides Har Gow is shrimp stuffed eggplant. Look at those crispy edges! Similar to this, there is also shrimp stuffed tofu, and shrimp stuffed green peppers at most dim sum restaurants. Can you see a theme here? Shrimp lover’s paradise…


Besides all the steamed goodies, there is always a fried food cart housing fried spring rolls and the like.


These roast pork buns were filled with an ‘American Chinese’ style spareribs (the one that usually comes with PuPu Platters) chopped up into tiny pieces. I was expecting a real Chinese roast pork filling since all the other dim sum we tried was pretty on par with traditional Chinese restaurant dim sum. I would pass on these the next time around.

thechina06While there are certainly other choices for dim sum in the Quincy area, take a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this sports bar’s dim sum fare. They might not have as much variety as the others, but it’s a decent option for a dim sum craving.


Side note: I liked how the black tables and decor matched my bag. This bag is the perfect size for my dslr! (Did I tell you I have a weakness for shoes and bags?…)

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