More food fads! Chicago brings us the Wonut – waffle doughnut hybrid. I was pretty excited to try this and we also tried their other breakfast dishes, like this eggs benedict.

IMG_1652a IMG_1653a

Since they are called Waffles cafe, most dishes incorporated the waffle, like this eggs benedict with pulled pork. Instead of the traditional English muffin, it came with a waffle. The egg with hollandaise and pulled pork were amazing, but I missed the English muffin and didn’t enjoy the waffle too much.

IMG_1654a IMG_1656a

My friend’s platter had a hash brown in waffle shape! (the darker brown one). The hash brown was deliciously crispy and savory.


Moving on to the Wonuts, we tried the red velvet and green tea flavors. I’m glad I tried them but I wouldn’t get it again. They were similar to cake doughnuts. I much preferred the doughnuts at Doughnut Vault.

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