It seemed everywhere we turned there was a doughnut shop around.


Do-rite Donut was conveniently located close to our hotel so we tried that out first. I noticed they had gluten free options as well.


The maple bacon seemed pretty popular and my friend said it was delicious.They even had a maple bacon cruller which I now regret not getting.

IMG_1518a I tried the lemon pistachio instead which was very crumbly and moist.

IMG_1521aDo-Rite Donuts on Urbanspoon

We then moved on to Doughnut Vault, which is the tiniest little shop I’ve ever seen and sells just a few choices.



I went for the classic vanilla glazed doughnut and it was the best glazed doughnut I’ve ever had. Chewy and covered in super thin sweet vanilla goodness. I would definitely eat this again.

IMG_1646a IMG_1648a

The Doughnut Vault on Urbanspoon

If you had limited time and had to choose just one, I would check out the Doughnut Vault for their amazing glazed doughnuts.

If you can’t get enough doughnut, stay tuned for a review of the Wonut – waffle doughnut hybrid from Waffles Cafe! ;)

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