Chicago is known for its deep dish style pizza. Even the Uno’s chain there is apparently better than all of their other chain restaurants in the rest of the states. While I didn’t try Uno’s in Chicago, I did make it to Gino’s East.


The wait wasn’t bad at all compared to Giordano’s that day (another popular pizza joint). The pizza itself takes about 40 minutes to make though, so be sure to order some apps to curb your hunger!


We got the Gino’s Family Platter so we could try a bit of everything. Spinach mozzarella sticks, calamari, toasted ravioli and bruschetta filled this basket. The spinach mozzarella sticks were my favorite of the bunch. Crispy on the outside, melty on the inside.


We tried the cheese and sausage pizza, patty style. This means a giant sausage patty spread over the whole pizza, ensuring sausage was in every bite. They also offer a crumbled sausage version. The sausage and chunky tomato sauce was delicious. The crust was almost too buttery and not something I prefer. I noticed they had thin crust pizza available on the menu too, which I am curious about.


We also tried a spinach and cheese version which was also really good because the spinach helped cut the richness of the buttery crust.


I would have loved to have time to check out Giordanos or Uno’s for a comparison, but Gino’s East was pretty good eats for my first ‘real’ Chicago pizza.

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