Cafe Mami in Porter Square food court is known for their Japanese style Hamburg sets. It’s not a beef patty with buns, but more like a meatloaf. It is super delicious, but this time I wanted to try out some of their other offerings.


I decided on a Donburi, rice bowl dish. Soft fluffy egg with fried chicken over a bowl of rice. There are also other varieties of Donburi with different meats. While I love eggs, this was almost too much egg and I could hardly finish the chicken – it was a lot of toppings!


Their pork katsu was a thick pork cutlet fried crispy with drizzle of tangy katsu sauce. I was surprised that this katsu was so much better than the one at Ittyo, a couple stalls down, which supposedly have the same owners. The Ittyo version was a thinner pork cutlet.


I would definitely try the curry katsu next time.

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