fishermanwharf01Look at that giant alligator sourdough bread! Boudin Sourdough Factory in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fran is a big tourist attraction and they bake a bunch of different animal shaped sourdough breads. I didn’t buy any of the animals but I did try their famous clam chowder in sourdough bread bowl.

fishermanwharf02 fishermanwharf03

Since it was getting quite cold by the water, this warm and creamy clam chowder bowl was the best thing to eat there.


There were baguettes traveling around the whole factory in these baskets on a track.
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fishermanwharf05 fishermanwharf07

We then headed over to check out Lombard street for its famous zig zag road and posed with trolleys along the way. The roads are SO steep over there you can definitely get a calf workout just walking up.

fishermanwharf08 fishermanwharf09

The road and surrounding buildings are quite pretty. Too bad I wasn’t tall enough to get a better shot!

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