Besito recently opened their 2nd Massachusetts location in Chestnut Hill and invited us to check out their Mexican eats this past weekend. Their waiters all speak some Spanish and greet you in Spanish to give off an authentic feel.


Since we love guacamole (and anything with avocado really), we started off with the table side guacamole. I love table side guacamole since you can actually see what’s going into it. No shortcuts here! Their stone mortars are so adorable! We asked for medium spicy, but it tasted quite mild to us.


Also adorable was this passion fruit tea. My tea came out in a huge flask with a little pot of agave simple syrup so I could mix the sweetness to my liking. While I didn’t really taste much passion fruit flavor, it was very refreshing.

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For apps, we tried the ceviche and empanadas. The ceviche came with plaintain and tortilla chips. I loved their chips because they were light and not greasy at all. I’ve had ceviches that were quite tangy, but this one was just perfect. I even liked the pickled red onions on top, which I was afraid would be too tart.


The empanadas were filled with mushrooms and goat cheese and came with a green salsa. I didn’t read the description very carefully so I thought there was supposed to be some meat in there and it caught me by surprise. A nice ‘vegetarian’ option I suppose, but I prefer my empanadas with meat in them.


For entree, I got the Mixtos Iron Skillet Tacos so I could have a bit of everything (it comes with steak, chicken and chorizo). They came with warm corn tortillas, rice, salsa and beans. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I hate beans so I was glad they came out separately so I could avoid them completely.


Look at that grilled melty cheese on the bottom!! I loved the chorizo the best and ended up eating it on its own since building your own tacos became kind of messy. I also found out I don’t really like corn tortillas so too bad…


The bf chose the Costillas al Piquin, a boneless beef short rib. It was SO tender and flavorful. I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but the portion was huge and easily something you can share. The salsa with it was very mild and helps cut the richness of the beef. I ended up liking this way more than the tacos.


I always have room for dessert ;). When our waitress mentioned pumpkin flan, I had to give it a try! It comes with carmelized pumpkin seeds on top, which are yum.


For you health nuts out there, there are healthier dessert options like this fruit cup. I really enjoyed the mango puree on top.

Besito has quite an extensive menu, and you can definitely find something you’ll like even if you’re not a big Mexican food fan. My final picks: Guacamole & Costillas al Piquin.

*Besito kindly sponsored this lunch.

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