What’s in this unassuming paper box? babycakes01 I introduce to you the most amazing French Toast Cupcake! Several years ago, when cupcakes weren’t a ‘thing’ yet, I had a craving for cupcakes and decided to Yelp for some. After seeing a few reviews mention this amazing French Toast cupcake from Babycakes, I set out to go get me some! They were (and are) one of the best ‘cupcakes’ I’ve ever had. babycakes02The entire thing is literally French Toast formed into a cupcake. It’s crunchy on top, and eggy bread pudding like in the middle when you reheat it in a toaster oven. And you can eat it all with your hands! I love eating this warm for a special breakfast treat with milk or tea. I imagine it would also be fantastic with ice cream as dessert! Sounds like I need to get a few more….

163 Beale St
Quincy, MA 02170

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