Here’s something healthy to fuel you through the week.

Matcha makes such a pretty green color if you buy a quality one. Oftentimes they’re labeled by how they should be used, such as ceremonial grade (highest), latte grade or culinary/cooking grade. I buy the latte grade so I can use it for drinking as well as recipes.

I blended a frozen banana, half an apple, 1 tsp matcha and enough almond milk to cover the ingredients. You can add more or less milk depending on how thick you want the smoothie to be.

Top it with your toppings of choice. Today I had chia seed, apple and pecans. I think next time I would skip the banana completely as it overpowered the matcha taste that I love so much. Perhaps replace with ice cubes made of almond milk to make it more of an apple matcha frozen latte. Hmm new idea already….

2 comments on “Apple Matcha Smoothie Bowl”

  1. I’m glad you posted this bc I’ve been curious about matcha for a while. Is there a particular brand you like? I’ve read so many conflicting things on what to buy and what to avoid so any advice would be appreciated!!

    • I use the Encha brand, which you can only buy online I believe. Not sure how I found the brand but I like it so I’ve just stuck with it. =) They have a subscription service that makes it cheaper and then I just skip all the months until I need a new bag.

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