The land of pastas and gelato! Our second city: Rome.


On our first night in Rome we went to Piccolo Arancio which was on my list of ‘tripadvisor forum approved’ restaurants and I do agree with the reviewers it’s a great spot. It was pretty busy outside with everyone dining al fresco, but there was plenty of room inside. We were even handed pens and postcards after our meals!




San Crispino Gelateria – Hazelnut Gelato (near Trevi Fountain)

clams pasta

Spaghetti Vongole

I don’t remember where this was since I had like 5 spaghetti vongoles and another 5 carbonaras. I don’t think I had any bad spaghetti vongoles in Italy. Clams and olive oil tasted fresh everywhere!


Margherita Pizza

I was warned by several people who have been to Rome that I may not like the pizzas there since it’s much different from “U.S. pizza”. A lot more simple and rustic. Lucky for me, I love this kind of fresh simple taste, and I love thin crust! It doesn’t make you feel all greasy afterwards.

hazelnut torte

Hazelnut Torte

flor gelato

Flor Gelato – Hazelnut Chocolate & Caramel

Flor was a good accidental find. You would think that all gelato in Italy must taste good, but I’ve definitely had bad ones there (more on that next time).  Getting lost, we stopped for directions at a Flor and several local guys were having this dark chocolate colored gelato. We went on our way and I didn’t get any but kept thinking I should have tried some. Then we passed by another branch (so it’s not a local mom & pop), and decided I must try it this time since destiny calls for it! So delicious. I would recommend sticking with all the ‘regular’ flavors though. I tried a new ‘apple’ flavor the next day and it was really tart.. since it was made from fresh granny apples, and I wasn’t smart enough to mix it with something sweeter. Good for those into sorbet?

truffle paste

Truffle paste bought at Campo di Fiore

We stopped by the infamous Campo di Fiore open market which seems to cater to the tourists. Lots of pastas, oils, etc being sold alongside clothes and small items, reminding me of Canal Street vendors in NYC. The only thing I bought was this small tube of white truffle paste after trying some samples. I will probably infuse this into my next pasta… or maybe mashed potatoes!

For more vaca photos, check out my boyfriend’s album here.

Piccolo Arancio
Vicolo Scanderbeg, 112
00187 Roma Italy

Il Gelato Di San Crispino
Via della Panetteria, 42
00187 Roma Italy

Campo De' Fiori
Via del Biscione, 6
00186 Roma Italy

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