Japan: Savoury Bites

While Tsukiji fish market has many sushi restaurants, there are also many vendors selling delicious small bites of seafood as well as other food. Be aware that Tsukiji is awfully crowded and just trying to get to the vendor to purchase something can often be difficult. The location of this fish market is scheduled to move, […] Read more…


Instagram Lately November

I’ve been thinking of posting some ‘Instagram Lately’ posts for my readers out there who don’t use Instagram. I know I sure didn’t use it for the longest time but now I’ll all about it! I’ll be highlighting some of my recent posts, not necessarily all in the same month, but just what’s been posted […] Read more…


Japan: Tokyo

The tonkatsu from Tonkatsu Maisen was the BEST katsu I’ve had in Japan. There were several cuts and brands you can choose from. We went with the Kurobuta (black pig/Berkshire pig) fillet and loin cuts. The fillet is the most tender cut. Their menu explains the cuts and brands in several languages. They all come with […] Read more…


Japan: Kyoto

Japan has always been on my bucket list, so I was super excited to finally go this year. We concentrated on Tokyo & Kyoto but I’d love to go back and visit a few other regions as well. There was so much good food everywhere you turn. It’s really hard to have a bad meal in Japan. Even […] Read more…


Hawaii Series: Big Island

The Hawaii series comes to a close with a photo roundup of eats around Big Island. I didn’t expect to actually find ‘Hawaiian’ pizza in Hawaii, but I did! It was delicious with fresh pineapple and Kalua pork instead of the ham slices you’ll find mainland. I had my first acai bowl from Basik Cafe […] Read more…


Hawaii Series: Kauai Part 2

One of my favorite snacks I found in Hawaii was this Hurricane popcorn – butter popcorn with Nori (seaweed) and rice crackers. It is SO addictive that I pretty much finished off the whole bag when I opened it. They also sold some DIY microwave popcorn versions where you mix in the toppings yourself (found […] Read more…

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